Our supplier is the UK’s leading importer of Wild Frozen at Sea Cod and Haddock from the North Atlantic, we recognise that responsible and sustainable fishing is of paramount importance to the future of our industry.

All of our Cod and Haddock is sourced solely from the Icelandic seas. Not only does this ensure that the fish, you, the customer will be served, is of the highest quality possible, but we are also making sure that fish like cod and haddock are still being served to future generations.

The companies that provide our cod and haddock to our UK supplier from the Icelandic seas are Brim, Ogurvik, Rammi and Icefresh.

MSCIn 2010, our supplier were one of the first companies in the UK to hold a full MSC chain of custody certification, which allows the information on fish and where it was caught to be traced throughout the food chain, giving customers the confidence that the fish they buy is from sustainable fishing grounds. The Marine Stewardship Council is an international non profit organisation established to police the issue of un-sustainable fishing and to safeguard seafood supplies for generations to come. Fishing companies can only be MSC certified if the stocks they fish are at sustainable levels or fishing does not hinder their recovery. The process requires ongoing data collection from catch records and stock surveys to ensure that fisheries can respond to any decline in fish population.