Fish and Chips Facts

facts about fish and chips

Fish & chips are well known at high profile weddings. Enthusiasts are rumoured to have included Wayne Rooney and Coleen Mcloughlin, John Terry and Toni Poole, Dave Gardner and Davinia Taylor. Steven Gerrard and Alex Curran, Myleene Klass and Graham Quinn.

“Did you know…….?”

Fish and chips certainly are a huge favourite for family takeaway dinners.

£1.2 billion a year is spent in fish and chip shops across the country. They outsell Indian takeaways on a meal basis by four to one,  and fish suppers outsell them by two to one.

In 2008 about 250 million fish and chip shop servings (showcasing fish) were offered through the United Kingdom, proving that the UK’s fish and chip outlets continues to be the nation’s  favourite hot takeaway outlet.

Fishy Facts about Fish and Chips!facts about fish and chips

Cod is easily the most common fish sold in fish and chip shops, comprising 61.5% of fish sold, accompanied by Haddock at 25%. Additional white fish such as Plaice also are common. Some shops make available locally caught fish hinging on what’s offered inside the market place, but the bulk of the cod and haddock offered in fish and chip outlets come from the sustainable waters belonging to the Barents Sea and Iceland. All of the fish that we serve at the Woolacombe Fryer is sourced from the Icelandic Seas. See Our Menu.

More than one in six of us won’t be able to withstand heading for the fish and chip shop at least one time a week and close to 70% of us decide to bring our fish and chips home to devour. Individuals coming from Yorkshire show to be experiencing the biggest cravings! Almost 70% of people take fish and chips home to munch on.

Nutritional Facts about Fish and Chips

facts about fish and chipsFish and chips have 9.42 grams of fat per one hundred grams. Beating all the other takeaways, the regular pizza has 11, Big Mac meal with Medium fries has 12.1, Whopper meal with medium french fries has 14.5, chicken korma 15.5 and doner kebab 16.2. The same is true of calories, 542 in the typical portion, in which the standard pizza has 871, Big Mac meal with medium fries 888, Whopper meal with medium fries 892 and doner kebab 942.

You can find close to 10,000 fish and chip shops throughout the united kingdom, employing some 61,000 men and women.

Fish and chip outlets provide 424.8 million servings a year, which is seven servings from a fish and chip shop yearly for each and every man, woman and child during the Uk. 58% of those are fish and chips. This adds up to 255 million fish and chip meals a year.

A portion of chip shop chips has a lot less fat than a prawn mayonnaise sandwich and will deliver you with a 3rd of the daily recommended Vitamin C.

Old Facts about Fish and Chips

facts about fish and chipsFish and chips was the only take-away food to not be rationed through the 2nd World War. Frederick Lord Woolton, Minister of Food at the time, even granted portable frying vans to transport fish and chips to evacuees round the country.

As far back as 1838 Charles Dickens penned about fried fish warehouses in the unforgettable novel ‘Oliver Twist’. These particular warehouses acted as the forerunner to fish and chip shops – although the mate to fish has not been the traditional chip as we all see today , but both a loaf of bread or baked spuds. The fish was marketed by neighborhood vendors who carried the products in trays dangled round their own neck. The fish was purchased cold for around a penny a portion.

We hope you found these facts about fish and chips interesting!